The UCMIT Foundation builds relationships with communities and youth by adopting the five areas of development: Working, Learning, Thriving, Connecting, and Leading.  UCMIT Foundation's youth development and youth leadership programs focuses on building on each youth’s capabilities and strengths and addressing a full range of developmental needs. UCMIT Foundation's youth leadership program places an additional emphasis on specific components central to leadership development.  At the UCMIT Foundation, we believe that the key components of youth development and leadership programs are vital when preparing youth to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood.  Thus, we encourage each participant in our program to embody our core values of Unity, Character, Motivation, Integrity, and Trust in their daily lives.  The practices and characteristics of the UCMIT Foundation program helps to equip the youth and the emerging workforce of today, to become the leaders of tomorrow.

      uCMIT OUTREACH services:

To advance our mission we partner with community organizations, schools, and volunteers to establish structured youth development and leadership programs that provides the following services:


  • Mentoring

  • Tutoring

  • Counseling

  • Leadership Development

  • Career Planning Classes

  • Financial Workshops

  • Wellness and Fitness Classes

  • Public Speaking Workshops


The UCMIT Foundation offers youth and young adults early introduction and training in various careers fields many of which are in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).In addition to offering STEM career training, UCMIT offers early introduction and training in other fields such as legal, finance, business, and the performing arts.  The UCMIT Foundation believes that our youth development and youth leadership programs should accomplish the following:


  • Provide our youth multiple opportunities to observe, practice, and develop leadership skills.
  • Experience progressive roles of leadership ranging from leading a small group to planning a community event.
  • Provide guidance on the importance of education and academics excellence.
  • Learn to assess their own strengths and set goals for personal development.
  • Encourage youth involvement in developing and implementing program activities.
  • Establish high expectations for youth, and allow them to experience the consequences of their choices and decisions.
  • Involve family members as often as possible when possible.
  • Provide the opportunity to interact with a mentor or role model.
  • Provide varied hands on and experiential activities pertaining to real world challenges.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to succeed and to take advantage various roles and career courses in the program.

The UCMIT Foundation enforces our beliefs by establishing  clearly defined goals  and expectations related to the development of youth by employing youth development-friendly staff; keeping the youth engaged and utilizing all resource connected to the community.

Cultivating Future Leaders.

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