• Welcome to the Community Cookout/ Back to School Supply Giveaway- 8/01/2015
  • Youth Summit @ Tabernacle Baptist Church - 8/08/2015
  •  Annual Great Gatsby Fall Fundraising Gala - 11/07/2015

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Cultivating Future Leaders.

The U Can Make it Too Foundation


Research supports that both youth development and leadership programs positively shape the growth of youth. According to the National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition, "youth leadership development encourages healthy adolescent growth by providing young people the ability to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses; to set personal and vocational goals; and to gain the self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and abilities to carry out those goals."

"You give but little when you give your possessions. It is when you give yourself that you truly give."

-Khalil Gibran 

The U Can Make It Too Foundation (UCMIT) provides youth in the Tri-Cities communities with opportunities to increase leadership skills and achieve academic success through STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) career development training and mentoring.  

The U Can Make It Too Foundation (UCMIT)  is always seeking additional resources and partnerships to help sustain and support its mission.  Make your contribution today.

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The U Can Make it Too Foundation (UCMIT) is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. The UCMIT Foundation has devoted its energy to empowering the youth and emerging workforce for success by providing mentoring, leadership  development, work readiness training, and life skills. Our focus is providing opportunities to youth from under privileged backgrounds within the Petersburg and Tri-Cities communities. Contact Us  today to find out how you can contribute to cultivating our future leaders through donations of money and time.


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